DIY Sweater Wreath – Thrift Store Sweater Upcycle

A DIY sweater wreath is made from a thrift store sweater, and a Dollar Tree Wreath. This easy Christmas craft can be made in under 30 minutes.

Sweaters don’t last long in my house. I’ve got a thing for cutting them up and making all kinds of decor. If they aren’t worn for an entire season – its time to upcycle!

I used ribbon and greenery from previous projects, so this wreath came together for under 5 bucks. Not a bad deal!

First I’ll share my DIY wreath, then get ready for 12 more holiday wreaths to inspire you!

Supplies for a DIY Sweater Wreath

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diy sweater wreath


I started by cutting the sleeves off the sweater.

diy sweater wreath

The Dollar Tree has been killing’ it for Christmas decor in my house. I love to customize their basics, like these Dollar Tree Rae Dunn ornaments. You also don’t want to miss the Christmas Tree Farm Display!

This wire frame makes a great wreath base, I used the sweater sleeves to bulk it up a bit.

I snipped the wire and slid the sleeves on. Then, I secured the sleeves together with a safety pin so everything stayed in place.

diy Christmas wreath wrapping the sleeves on

Then, I cut the rest of the sweater into strips. I cut along where the cable knit patterns changed, but your cuts will depend on the material of your sweater.

diy Christmas sweater cutting

Wrapping the Wreath

Brace yourselves – hot glue burns are coming!

Just me?

After the sweater was cut I preheated my glue gun and laid out the strips.

laying out the DIY sweater wreath

I started wrapping the strips of the sweater around the wreath at an angle and hot gluing as I went.

hot gluing the diy sweater wreath

I glued the rough edges down as I wrapped because I wanted a clean look.

You’re feeling the burns now, aren’t ya?

gluing the edges on diy sweater wreath

I kept wrapping and gluing all the way around the sweater. Luckily, this sweater happened to be perfect size and I ended up using all but one piece!

No leftover scraps added to my ‘maybe I’ll need this one day’ collection.

Although I wanted this wreath to be pretty simple, I still wanted to add a little something. I had some leftover soft greenery from this Fall wreath that I thought would be perfect!

I tucked a few sprigs underneath the sweater pieces and secured them with hot glue.

adding lambs ear sprigs to DIY Christmas wreath

Then I used a 9″ piece of buffalo check ribbon to hang the wreath up with a little pin.

I liked this, but you know the feeling when it’s just missing something?

A bow it was! I’m not the most skill bow-maker, so I went with a simple little bow tie.

To Make the Bow –

Cut a 28 inch ribbon. Fold one end in 6 inches, and then fold it over 3 more times. Pinch the center.

Then wrap the remaining tail around itself and tuck it in. Secure with a little glue!

Here’s the finished DIY sweater wreath.

You guys this was so easy! I thought this was a great way to upcycle old knit sweaters.

Have old sweaters to put to use? Pin this for later!

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Thoughtful Gifts Crafty People will Love 2019

We all have a wonderfully creative, crafty person in our life. Crafty people are some of the best gift givers, so finding a great gift to give them can be a little stressful. I put together this collection of thoughtful gifts for crafty people to ease the stress and help find the perfect gift to give. All of these gifts can be purchased online – so you can avoid crowded holiday shopping malls!

(This post contains affiliate links. I receive a small commission on items ordered through those links, at no additional cost to you. See my disclosure here.)

Gifts for Crafters

Craft Organization Cabinet

Craft organization is important for all kinds of crafters! (I haven’t mastered this). Here’s a wall mounted cabinet to help save some floor space for the crafter in your life.


Self Healing Rotary Cutting Mat

This rotary cutting mat is great for arts and crafts, sewing and other projects. The plastic is self healing (magic?) so it reseals after every cut!

rotary mat gifts for crafty people

Rose Gold Scissors

Here’s an adorable and sturdy pair of Rose Gold scissors perfect for every type of crafter.


Gift of Education – BluPrint Membership

Give the gift that keeps on giving – knowledge! A Bluprint membership gives access to almost every craft, art, and other tutorial you can think of.

Craft Shirt

Is a crafter really a crafter without a shirt that says so? Okay they still are – but I’m sure they’d appreciate a cute top that says so!

Crafting Project Bag

There’s no doubt about it, crafters have a lot of “stuff”. A project bag will help them transport supplies and stay organized.

Splurge Gift for a Crafter – Cricut Machine Bundle

Want to put a real winner under the tree? Get your crafter a Cricut Air 2 bundle. A Cricut is a crafting printer that can print designs on vinyl, fabric and many other materials! Do they already have a Cricut or other craft printer? Get them vinylto use with it.

Stocking Stuffers for Crafters

Washi Craft Tape

Washi tape is a decorative masking tape that can be used for so many different craft projects. Add to your crafters collection with a beautiful assortment of colors!

Craft Tweezers

Tweezers are more than just a grooming tool for us crafters! These tweezers can be used to pick up beads, embellishments, stickers and more.

tweezers for crafty people

“I’d Rather be Crafting” Mug

Get them a mug to express how they are feeling!

Hot Glue Gun Stand

This hot glue gun stand is a convenient and practical gift for a crafter. It comes with a durable heat proof tile that will hold up for many years to come.

hot glue gifts for crafty people

Modge Podge WaterProof Sealer

Modge Podge can be used as a glue or a sealer. This waterproof Modge Podge is dishwasher safe, so decoupaged crafts can be washed.

modge Podge gift for crafty people

Hot Glue Finger Caps

No more painful burns! These finger caps will keep finger tips safe during long hot glue projects.

Floral Measuring Tape

Chances are good a crafter measures things all day long. Get them a darling floral measuring tape to add to their collection!

Blanket Yarn

Some chunky yarn in a mustard color would make a great stocking stuffer for crafters.

Kit Gifts for Crafty People

Consider a kit gift so your crafter can try out a new hobby. These kits have everything included to complete a project. Warning – these kits could start a new crafting addiction!

Candle Making Kit

candle making gift for crafty people

Macrame Wall Hanging Kit

This “knot it yourself” kit teaches you how to make a beautiful Macrame wall hanging.

macrame kit for crafty

Epoxy Tumbler Kit

Have you seen those adorable glitter tumblers? Here’s a kit to make epoxy tumblers, that even includes 2 Stainless Steel 20oz cups.

Felt Succulent Kit

This kit has everything included to make 18 adorable felt succulents. These can be displayed in a frame, or added to another craft project!

succulent gift for crafty people

Weaving Loom Kit 

This weaving loom kit is great for beginners. They can learn to make wall hangings, decorations and more. Pick from 8 different color sets to find something your crafter will love!

Botanical Soap Making Kit

Learning how to make soap can be a little daunting with all the different methods and supplies to try. This kit has everything they need to try out soap making and make 7 bars of soap.

soap making gift for crafty people

Needle Felting Starter Kit

This is a great wool felting starter kit with instructions on how to make adorable felt projects.

felting gifts for crafty people

Rock Painting Kit

Rock painting is an activity loved by crafters of all ages. This kit includes the rocks, as well as 70 different transfer stickers!

Want to come back and find this list later? Pin it!

I hope this helped narrow down gifts for crafty people in your life.

If you’re a crafter, send this guide to a loved one to give them an idea of gifts you’d love. Or print it off, leave it laying around the house.. Subtle hints. 😉

Guide to Refinishing Furniture Hardware

guide to refinishing furniture

Original hardware tells a story about a piece. It’s adds character to a piece that is hard to duplicate! When I’m refinishing furniture, I always try to refinish the hardware instead of replacing it. Here’s a step-by-step guide on refinishing furniture hardware the right way! 

There’s a right way? Oh boy, is there. When I started painting furniture I was guilty of throwing a coat of spray paint on the hardware and calling it a day. Luckily these were my own pieces, not furniture I was selling.

When the spray paint started peeling just weeks later, I knew I needed to find a better way to refinish furniture hardware. Through trial and error I’ve found a way to paint hardware and make it last. So you can benefit from my mistakes by refinishing furniture hardware correctly the first time.

Types of Furniture Hardware

Furniture hardware is a broad category including drawer slides, hinges, brackets and more. For the purpose of this tutorial, we’re going to be talking about handles.

There’s many different styles of handles, but the most common are either knobs or pulls. Knobs are a single piece that is connected to the front of a door or drawer by a single screw.Pulls are a longer handle that is connected to the furniture by two screws.

Let’s talk material. Hardware comes in many different materials such as Brass, Stainless Steel, Bronze or Wood.

Refinishing the hardware is the same process for these materials with the exception of wood. Wooden hardware can be sanded down and stained, or painted with furniture paint.

This guide will show you two ways to refinish furniture hardware. Spray painting the hardware, or polishing Brass hardware with a product called Rub N’ Buff.

Here’s What You’ll Need to Refinish Furniture Hardware –

(Affiliate links are provided below)

TSP Cleaner

220 Grit Sandpaper or Synthetic Steel Wool

Oil Based Spray Primer

Spray Paint

Spray Sealer

Prepping the Hardware

You know how important prepping your furniture to paint is, right? The same goes for hardware! The first step to refinishing furniture hardware is to smooth the surface so you have a good base.

Use 220 grit sandpaper or synthetic steel wool to sand the hardware. This helps give the paint something to grip to, as well as removes any flakes or peeling on the hardware.

refinishing furniture hardware - sanding hardware

If the handles have been painted previously, I wouldn’t recommend trying to paint over them again. That would be a recipe for peeling paint.

Use a product like Citristrip to strip off the paint and then you’ll have a clean start to paint as you wish!

Cleaning the Hardware

Hardware needs a thorough cleaning before it can be painted. Handles get handled a lot, which means lots of oils build up. Any oil left on the hardware will stop the paint from adhering well and give you trouble down the road.

I like to soak my hardware in a mixture of Krud Kutter Tsp and water first to loosen any grime.

Then I use a toothbrush to get into the fine details and scrub it well.

Hardware gets such heavy use and touch so you want the best adhesion possible. Using an oil based primer will act as a bond coat and help the paint actually stick to the hardware.

Priming the Hardware

Shake the can really well before you paint. Prime in thin, even coats 8-12 inches away. If your coats are too thick you will end up with drips.

Let dry, and then turn the hardware to make sure all edges are covered.

Painting the Hardware

There are so many great paint options to create almost every finish you can imagine. You can use a solid color, a Metallic Gold or an Oil Rubbed Bronze. If you are going for a shabby chic look, you can brush on Chalk Paint.

I recommend using a spray paint to give the smoothest finish.

Spray your hardware in thin coats the same way you primed it. It’s best to er on the side of caution and paint thin coats or you run the risk of paint build up and drips.

Sealing the Hardware

After the paint has dried, the last step is to protect it. I use a sealer called Krylon Lacquer, but any strong clear sealer will work.

refinishing furniture hardware sealer

Spray the sealer in – you guessed it – thin, even coats. Then reposition the hardware and spray one more coat to cover all the edges.

After the sealer has dried don’t rush to put the hardware back on immediately. (I’m so guilty of this.) The first day or so when the paint is curing is when your hardware is the most vulnerable, so try to be gentle during that time.

Here’s some freshly painted new hardware! I love how the black hardware looks with the french white in this dresser makeover.

How about that Rub N’ Buff?

If you’ve got dark Brass hardware you want to bring back to life, you can use a magical little product called Rub N’ Buff.

refinishing furniture hardware with rub n buff

Rub N’ Buff is a mixture of waxes, metallic powders and a bunch of other fancy ingredients that leave you with beautiful hardware.

Some people apply this with their fingers, but I like to use an old T-shirt. A little goes a long way! Add a dab to the cloth.

rub n buff for refinishing furniture hardware

Apply the Rub N’ Buff in circular motions. Then using a clean part of the towel “buff” it out.

I’ve done this with the hardware attached as shown above, or removed it and applied it then. If it’s not too big of a pain I’d recommend removing it. This makes it easier to get the shiny new gold on every little crevice.

Here’s the difference between the hardware before and after applying Rub N’ Buff.

Pretty great stuff right?

Buying New Hardware

Sometimes the furniture you’re refinishing just needs new hardware. My favorite places to buy hardware are Amazon and Dlawless Hardware.

An Amazon search like this one brings up some amazing deals! I’ll buy a large pack of pulls and use them for multiple projects.

Dlawless Hardware also has great hardware at really great prices. I find replacements for vintage hardware here for a steal of a deal.

Don’t forget to save your old hardware for a different project. You never know when it may come in handy!

And there you have it!

I hope this helps you on your furniture refinishing journey. Taking the time to properly refinish furniture hardware will help the hardware last for many years to come.

Don’t forget to pin this for later!
refinishing furniture hardware

DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Ornaments

Hello friends! I love that special touch that homemade ornaments add to your Christmas tree. Not to mention these DIY Dollar Tree Christmas ornaments are also very easy on the wallet. Who doesn’t want to save money near the holidays?

I got the idea for these ornaments from my Rae Dunn inspired Fall dishes. I’ve also seen Rae Dunn inspired ornaments made with Cricut machines, but I don’t have one. (Although it is on my Christmas wishlist!)

Supplies for DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Ornaments

(This post contains affiliate links)

Dollar Tree Ornaments

White Spray PaintAny Brand

“Chocolate” Dollar Tree Decals – In the wall decal section at my local DT

diy Christmas ornament supplies

Painting the Ornaments

Using some leftover spray paint, I spray painted the clear Christmas ornaments.

christmas ornaments and spray paint

It’s a good idea to wipe the ornaments down with a tack cloth before painting. This will get off every speck of dust so the paint is smooth and even.

Spray in light, thin coats. Don’t get in a hurry to cover in once coat or you’ll end up with paint drip or bubbling paint.

Another way to paint clear ornaments is to fill them with a little white paint and swirl around the paint.

Adding the Letters to the Ornament

While the paint was drying I cut out the letters from the sheet of stickers. I’d recommend cutting them out closer to the edge of the letter than I did. This will make the sticker less noticeable on the ornament!

Putting Together the Words

Now it’s time to play scrabble! I put together different letters to make “Christmasy” words.

Feel free to get creative! You can trim down a letter if the letter you need isn’t included. For example I trimmed the “E” to make a “F.”

Peel off the back of the sticker and press it on the ornament. Smooth out any bumps and you’re good to go!

I cut the plaid scarf into strips.

Then I used a little twine to tie a bow on the ornament.

I used the plaid as the hook for the bow and tied it on top.

santa DIY Christmas ornament

Wasn’t that easy? There is so many word combinations with just one sheet of letters!

Pin this project for later or share with a friend! Here’s a handy graphic.

Let me know which ornament is your favorite in the comments below. I’m loving budget decor this season! I also made a set of ornaments out of felt dryer balls.

Dollar Tree Fall Tablescape | Budget Fall Decor

dollar tree fall

Happy Fall everyone! It’s officially October and to kick it off I’m bringing you a Dollar Tree Fall decor project. If you are looking for a gorgeous Fall tablescape but you’re not willing to shell out a small fortune – you’ll love this Dollar Tree Fall tablescape!

All of the decor was purchased at the Dollar Tree. I used leftover paint and supplies to transform these Dollar Tree items into gorgeous Farmhouse style decor.

Looking for more DIY Fall decor? Check out these DIY Fall wreaths!

Here’s what I picked up for the Dollar Tree Fall tablescape-

  • Pumpkins – Various Sizes
  • Chicken Burner Set for 3 tier Tray
  • 2 Candlesticks
  • 2 Plaid Baby Blankets
  • Maple Leaves
  • Purple Vases
  • “Grass” for Vases
  • 2 Wooden Signs
  • White Plates
  • Dish Towels
  • Letters

Here’s the other tools and supplies used –

(Affiliate links are provided below. You can read my full disclosure here)

Making the Dollar Tree Fall Centerpiece

I used this Chicken burner set and two candlesticks to make a 3 tiered stand.

I spray painted the burner covers and then used gorilla glue to glue the stand together.

Painting the Pumpkins

I used leftover shades of blue, sage and white to chalk paint the pumpkins. The stems were painted in brown acrylic paint.

Visual learner? Watch the video here!

Making the Fall Decor

These bright leaves, vases and colorful twigs all got a few coats of white spray paint.

So much better. Now we’ve got a farmhouse feel going on!

I flipped over these signs and used Gel Stain to turn them into wooden trays. I covered up the holes with a few of the leaves above!

“Fall” Plates

I used this sheet of “Chocolate” decals to make these Rae Dunn inspired Fall plates.

They are for decoration only because they are stickers, but they make the cutest fall decor! I made tons of Rae Dunn inspired fall sayings in this other Dollar Tree post.

Assembling the Tablescape

I used buffalo check baby blankets as a table runner and then put everything together on the table. Here’s how it turned out!

Here’s a little graphic to pin this for later.

What do you think? I just love fall decor especially when its budget friendly. Let me know your favorite dollar tree scores are in the comments below!

DIY Fall Rae Dunn Inspired Dishes

Hey there! I’m always looking for ways to create Fall farmhouse decor from the Dollar Tree. Whether you’re struggling to find the perfect Rae Dunn piece or just looking for Dollar Tree budget decor, you’re going to love these Dollar Tree DIY Rae Dunn inspired dishes.

I’ve seen other fantastic Rae Dunn inspired dishes that use a Cricut. I don’t have one of those, so I made these with supplies completely from the Dollar Tree.

Because the letters are stickers, they are display only dishes and you can’t eat on them. They would make a great addition to your fall displays, coffee bars or other home decor!

Supplies for DIY Rae Dunn inspired Dishes –

  • Various Dollar Tree Dishes
  • Dollar Tree “Chocolate” Decals
  • Scissors

Cutting Out the Letters

I started by cutting out the individual letters.

Trimming the Letters

You can even trim some of the letters down to make other letters. I trimmed down an “E” to a “F”, and a “R” to a “P”.

Visual Learner? Watch the Video Here!

Putting Together the Words

I bought a few sheets of the stickers so I’d have lots of words to choose from. These dishes were for a fall display so I chose various ‘fall-ey’ words.

Applying the Decals

I laid out the stickers in the position I was going to apply them in. Then one by one I peeled the back off and pressed the decal on. If you mess up, don’t fret because the stickers are easy to peel it off and try again!

applying the fall decal
Here’s a few finished dishes –
diy dollar tree decor
What do you think?

I was thrilled with these dishes. Don’t you just love budget decor? I set them up in a Fall tablescape made completely with decor from the Dollar Tree.

Here’s a handy graphic so you can pin this project for later!
diy Rae Dunn dishes

I’d love to hear what you think. Do you have any other Dollar Tree hacks to share?

See you next project!

Can you Stain Wood Veneer? You Can!

can you stain wood veneer

If you are asking yourself “Can you stain wood veneer?” The answer is yes! Staining veneer furniture is a great alternative to paining veneer, and allows you to restore the beautiful wood. This is a step by step tutorial teaching you how to stain a veneer table top.

Have you made a plan to stain your furniture, only to realize its veneer?

You’re not alone. A common question I receive is can you stain wood veneer? Great news, most veneer is thick enough to stain.

In this project I will show you how to stain a veneer table top, dresser top or any other smooth veneer surface.

What is Veneer Furniture?

Veneer furniture is a thin layer of real wood. Veneer has been very popular in different eras, and some of my favorite furniture styles are often veneer.

Its actually an ancient art that dates all the way back to the Egyptian time period! You can read even more about veneer furniture, and why it’s used in woodworking here.

I picked up this Veneer buffet table, and I knew I wanted to stain the top.

can you stain wood veneer buffet

This tutorial only works on real wood veneer. For information on staining fake wood laminate, read this post.

Heres what you’ll need:

(Affiliate links are provided below)

Repairing Veneer Furniture

The downside to Veneer is it is damaged easier than solid wood. It can peel, crack or warp. If your veneer doesn’t need repair, move on to the next step!

My veneer had some lifting on the edges. I carefully applied carpenters glue underneath and put a weight on to hold it down.

Missing Veneer?

Sometimes entire pieces of veneer come off. One option to repair it is to find a piece of matching veneer, cut it to size and glue it on. It’s challenging to find the right size and glue it perfectly. So unless you are restoring an antique, I recommend an easier method.

I fill the missing veneer with wood filler, let that dry and then sand smooth.

filling veneer furniture

Removing the Finish

To start, apply furniture stripper to remove the finish. I use Klean Strip 15 minute Stripper.

After you let it sit, scrape off the stripper in the direction of the grain. This will be a lil messy!

stripping veneer furniture

If the finish is really thick, you may want to do another coat of stripper. Since the veneer is very thin, you want to sand as little as possible. The stripper is used for removing the finish and stain – the sanding is just to smooth the any scratches.

Using 150 grit sandpaper sand in the direction of the veneer grain. You want to be very careful not to sand through the veneer, so don’t sand over one spot for too long.

sanding veneer furniture

Apply the Stain

The process for applying stain is the same as staining any other wood. I apply the oil based stain in the direction of the grain with an old lint free rag or T-shirt.

can you stain wood veneer? yes!

Read the instructions on the can of your stain to see how long to leave it on. It’s usually only a few minutes because the stain is harder to remove once dried.

Remove the stain with another rag in the direction of the grain.

can you stain wood veneer? Yes, removing the stain.

Staining the Wood Filler

If you had to add wood filler, it may have not stained properly. To darken it up and make it match the rest of the veneer, use Gel Stain in the closest color.

Paint on the Gel Stain with an artists brush. You may need to do a few coats because the wood filler likes to absorb the stain!

Sealing the Stain

After you stain the veneer, you want to protect it! I use Minwax Wipe on Poly with a lint free rag. Pour the stain onto the rag and wipe it on with the direction of the grain.

Heres the Stained Veneer Top all Finished!
can you stain wood veneer? Yes!
Interested in Painting Veneer?

Check out this post where I paint the rest of this veneer buffet table in a fun, mustard color!

I hope this post answers your question can you stain wood veneer, and walks you through the process. Staining veneer furniture is so easy and it’s a great alternative to painting!

Here’s a little graphic to pin this for later!
can you stain wood veneer

How do you feel about veneer furniture? Do you snatch it up, or pass? Let me know below!

18 DIY Dresser Makeovers (And how they did it!)

There is something special about DIY Dresser makeovers. The custom result just can’t be created by a factory. Get ready to be inspired because here’s 18 of the best DIY dresser makeovers!

1. DIY Blended Dresser Makeover by Thrifted Nest

The first dresser makeover is a French Provincial dresser that was painted with a blend of blue paints. The full tutorial teaches you how to blend chalk paint easily!

blended DIY dresser makeovers

2. Dusty Blue Floral Dresser by Salvaged Inspirations

This next dresser was given new legs and painted a gorgeous dusty blue. Check out the tutorial so you can recreate this look!

salvaged inspirations dresser makeover

3. White French Provincial Makeover by Thrifted Nest

Are you planning to paint a modern, white finish? Learn how to paint a dresser white in this beginners tutorial.

diy dresser makeovers French provincial

4. Chic Striped Dresser by Girl in the Garage

This next dresser got a floral transfer and some chic stripes. Go to the full post to see how it was done!


5. Vintage Dresser Makeover by Salvaged Inspirations

Here’s a vintage dresser painted in a spring pink with a floral transfer. She also shares an amazing transfer hack!

Newbie to refinishing furniture?

diy dresser makeovers furniture bootcamp

6. Antique Dresser Update by Confessions on a Serial Diyer

The next French dresser makeover is painted white with a gorgeous transfer. Definitely read this one so you can see the homemade chalk paint recipe!

7. Adding Legs to a Dresser by A Ray of Sunlight

Learn how to give a dresser a boost by adding new legs. Check out the full post to see how she did it.

8. Mid Century Modern Dresser by My Creative Days

This next DIY Dresser tutorial started with a boring, average dresser. The post shows exactly what she did to it and also includes a video!

diy dresser makeovers modern two tone

9. How to Paint Powder Blue by Just the Woods

Learn how to get the perfect powder blue color in this next French Provincial dresser makeover.

10. Thrift Store Makeover by Confessions of a Serial DIYer

Need a dresser to match your coastal decor? You’re in luck because this next dresser would be perfect for a beach house theme.

11. DIY Dresser Makeover By Lily Ardor

You’ve seen legs being added to a dresser, but this time she starts by cutting them off. Then she makes her own hardware. This dresser is a showstopper!

12. French Blue Makeover by Blesser House

French Blue and dark wax create a show stopping combination on this next dresser!

13. Upcycled Antique Dresser by The Honeycomb Home

This next makeover teaches you how to paint with a spray gun, so be sure to check the post out.

14. DIY Bedroom Dresser Makeover by Salvaged Living

Check out this next dresser makeover for some great brush recommendations.

15. Transfers & Hairpin Leg Makeover by Hearth & Vine

Hairpin legs, a transfer and some paint totally transformed this dresser. In addition, its an IKEA hack!

diy dresser makeovers IKEA Hack

16. Empire Dresser Makeover by Lost and Found Decor

A two tone beauty is up next! You won’t want to miss this post because she makes her own custom blended color.

17. Wildflower Dresser by Eight Hundred Furniture

Check out the Orchid transfer on this next piece! She has multiple posts leading up to the reveal, so you can recreate this look.

DIY painted dresser

18. Vintage Dresser Makeover by Art is Beauty

Last but not least is a gorgeous two toned dresser by Art is Beauty.

diy dresser makeovers two toned dresser

Did you enjoy these dresser makeovers? Pin it for later!

These artists are crazy talented and I love that they are willing to share how they painted these dressers! After you read the tutorial, check out the rest of their sites because they’ve got some great stuff.

Mustard Furniture Makeover | Chalk Painting Mustard

mustard buffet graphic

An old buffet gets an update in this mustard furniture makeover. Chalk painting furniture mustard is a great way to brighten up a room!

Mustard is not the first color that comes to my mind when I’m picking a new paint color. So when a client requested a buffet to be painted Mustard, I was so excited to get started!

If you’re new here, Welcome to Thrifted Nest! I’m Leah and I LOVE furniture makeovers, budget decor and all things DIY.

New to painting furniture? Sign up for my free painting bootcamp!

Here are the supplies for this Mustard Furniture Makeover-

(Affiliate links are provided below. Read my full disclosure here)

Dixie Belle Chalk Paint in Colonel Mustard and Stormy Seas (This paint is amazing at blending!)

VAX Top Coat Shabby Paints

Paint Brush

Blending Brush

Minwax Stain, Gel Stain

Krud Kutter

Tack Cloths



Here was the buffet before.
before mustard paint

We all know how dirty furniture gets, and this piece was reaaally shiny and I knew the paint wouldn’t stick. So I started with my standard furniture prep, you can read about that here.

Staining the Top

The top was veneer so I knew I needed to be careful with the top. I stripped, sanded and stained the top in Dark Walnut.

Painting a Mustard Base Coat

I started by painting the buffet in a coat of Colonel Mustard and a splash of Stormy Seas. The blue was added so the Mustard would be a little darker.

I didn’t do any blending for the base coat because I knew we’d cover that up later. Don’t worry about the first coat being perfect, just get the base coat on there!

mustard base coat
For the next Mustard coat, we do a little blending.

I wanted to add some dimension to the curved doors.

I painted the base color with a drop more blue around the edges, Colonel Mustard in the center and then added some white to make the center color the lightest.

Blend, blend and blend!

Water is your friend when it comes to blending. Mist your brush with water and start blending back and forth.

blending mustard chalk paint

If you’re a visual learner, here’s the video tutorial so you can see the blending!

Time to protect your paint!

I usually don’t wax pieces that I’m selling. The reason for this is traditional wax needs to be reapplied every few years, and I don’t expect my clients to do that.

The exception to this rule is VAX. This “wax” is very easy to apply and never needs to be reapplied.

It goes on white but dries clear.

Staining the Legs

I stained the legs with Gel Stain. Gel Stain sits on the surface instead of soaking it in, so you don’t have to do any sanding. It even works on fake wood. Here’s an article on Gel Staining Laminate Furniture.

Finishing touches on the Buffet Makeover

I wanted to reuse the unique hardware. I spray painted it with a matte black spray paint. You can read more about spray painting hardware (so it lasts) here.

Here’s the finished Mustard Buffet.

mustard buffet

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I think Mustard furniture can be a great statement or accent piece in your home! Do you like bold furniture? Let me know in the comments below!

Easy DIY Modern Farmhouse Fall Wreath – Two Ways

Modern Fall Wreath

A DIY Easy Fall Wreath tutorial showing two budget friendly ways to create your own Fall decor. These farmhouse wreaths are crafted using lambs ear, eucalyptus, white pumpkins and buffalo check ribbon. The decor ties seamlessly from fall to winter so they can be enjoyed the entire holiday season.

The weather is cooling off, we had our first thunderstorm – Time to decorate for fall! In between furniture makeovers, I love putting together easy DIY decor.

The holidays always seem to come on so quickly, so I keep an eye out for decor options that can extend from the fall season through winter. Maybe I’ll get crazy and swap out the pumpkins for some ornaments, we’ll see 😉

I love having a gorgeous wreath hanging on my front door – so I made two budget friendly DIY options you can recreate!


Embroidery Hoop Fall Wreath

(Affiliate links are provided below)

Lambs Ear Garland (Use those coupons!)


Embroidery Hoop

Floral Wire

Two White Pumpkin Picks

Buffalo Check Ribbon

“Gather” DIY Fall Wreath


Scrap Wooden Board

White Paint – One of my favorite paints!

Lambs Ear Garland

Grapevine Wreath – Any size is 5 bucks at Hobby Lobby. You can’t beat that!

Buffalo Check Ribbon

Two Pumpkin Picks

Floral Wire


Black Acrylic Paint

Getting Supplies Ready

I started by cutting the garland into 6-8 inch sections. I separated the eucalyptus into individual stems, and cut a few 2 inch sections of floral wire to start.

Filling the Wreath

I added a lambs ear stem facing upward by sliding the stem in between the two sections of the embroidery hoop. I secured it with a little wire.

Next, I added another lambs pointing down and secured that as well.

I added in a couple stems of Eucalyptus, one pointing up and one pointing down to the left. Remember that there is no wrong way to do this, I just experimented and found what I liked!

I added a few more eucalyptus stems and then secured them as well with a little wire.

Adding the Decor

Now to add some fall decor, I grabbed two white pumpkins with stems. The stems made it super easy to slide through the two parts of the wooden hoop and secure with a little wire.

To make a bow I grabbed some buffalo check ribbon, and started making loops in a figure eight. I made three loops on each side then added wire to the middle. I hid the wire with the end tail of the ribbon.

To wrap it up I slid the ribbon in between the pumpkins and adjusted the pumpkins to hide the middle of the bow. I fluffed up the ribbon and the greenery and tied any loose hanging parts with more wire.

Heres the wreath all finished hanging up! The top screw on the embroidery hoop makes it easy to hang with no additional hardware.

hanging wreath
hanging wreath

Sometimes fall decor can sometimes be over the top, so I just love the simplicity of this. Wasn’t that an easy DIY Fall wreath? Let’s make another!

“Gather” Wreath


Cut your garland into 6 inch sections. Start putting the lambs ear stems into the grapevine and securing with a little wire. Add new leaves all facing the same direction, with the front side of the leaves showing.

diy wreath

Keep filling in the wreath with lambs ear. Don’t worry about empty patches, we’ll fill those in next. Grab your eucalyptus, and start adding sprigs in. Have fun with this!

adding pumpkins

Now find a spot that needs some detail and add the pumpkins. Slide the stem through the grapevine and tie them on with some wire.

bow on wreath

I tied another bow using the figure eight like the last wreath, and secured it underneath the two pumpkins.

diy painting

Whats a DIY project without some paint? I grabbed a scrap board and painted it with white chalk paint. I let that dry and then used a stencil to paint on the word gather.

gather board

To finish it up, I drilled small holes in the board and attached it to the wreath with some floral wire.

Here’s the completed wreath hanging up, looking all fallish.

hanging wreath

What do ya think? I’d love if you’d pin this for later, so here’s a handy graphic!

Do you love decorating for fall? Let me know your favorite Fall decor item in the comments below!