DIY Coffee Bar – Armoire Makeover

Coffee and painting furniture – two of my favorite things! I rescued this mini armoire curbside a few months back and have been eager to turn it into a DIY coffee bar ever since.

I’m still floored by what paint can do to a piece. This armoire was looking rough when I picked it up.

diy coffee bar before

Supplies for DIY Coffee Bar –

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This piece needed a thorough cleaning and sanding to remove scratches and rough edges. You can read more about prepping furniture for paint here.

Chalk Painting the Coffee Bar

I was really excited to try out this Chalk Acrylic paint that Shabby Paints sent me! It’s a deep red color called Cranberry Bliss.

I gave the paint a good stir.

This paint covered wonderfully and I didn’t even have to prime! I used a Purdy brush and worked in small sections. This paint levels nicely, so no need to overwork the paint.

In between coats I sanded lightly with 220 grit sandpaper. Then I painted the second coat.

I usually don’t use furniture wax, for a couple reasons. Traditional wax isn’t permanent, and if I’m selling a piece I don’t expect my client to want to re – wax it a few years down the road. Another reason is the application process can be a pain.

VAX by Shabby Paints solves both of these problems. VAX gives a matte finish like furniture wax, but never needs to be reapplied.

I used a damp sponge to apply it in long strokes. It goes on so easy, no buffing necessary!

Reclaimed Wood Back

I wanted to add wood boards to the back of the coffee bar.

These 48″ wood laths are sold at my Home Depot for 37 cents each. I cut them down to size and gave them a light sanding.

Then, I applied a coat of Walnut Gel Stain to the boards.

Gel Stain works a little differently than regular stain. You brush it on then wipe it off until its the color you want.

Here’s the stained boards. The total for the faux reclaimed wood was about 5 bucks.. not a bad deal!

I used a nail gun to secure the boards to the back of the coffee bar. Then, I added some cup pulls and ring pulls from DLawless hardware.

diy coffee bar hardware

Here’s the finished coffee bar all finished!

finsihed doy coffee bar

An old armoire really makes a perfect coffee bar. I love that it has doors so you can frantically hide clutter before guests arrive (girl, same).

But you can also open it up to show off cute decor and coffee displays.

diy coffee bar staged

Pin this for later!

I’m finally making progress on the piles of furniture in my garage. Here’s what’s finished –

And here’s what’s up next!

  • Blush Pink Dresser
  • Kitchen Table and Chairs
  • Curvy Dresser and Night Stand
  • Italian Provincial Chest of Drawers

Phew. The list is 50/50, not too bad right?

Hopefully I can complete it before I find more curbside furniture calling my name.

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