DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Ornaments

Hello friends! I love that special touch that homemade ornaments add to your Christmas tree. Not to mention these DIY Dollar Tree Christmas ornaments are also very easy on the wallet. Who doesn’t want to save money near the holidays?

I got the idea for these ornaments from my Rae Dunn inspired Fall dishes. I’ve also seen Rae Dunn inspired ornaments made with Cricut machines, but I don’t have one. (Although it is on my Christmas wishlist!)

Supplies for DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Ornaments

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Dollar Tree Ornaments

White Spray PaintAny Brand

“Chocolate” Dollar Tree Decals – In the wall decal section at my local DT

diy Christmas ornament supplies

Painting the Ornaments

Using some leftover spray paint, I spray painted the clear Christmas ornaments.

christmas ornaments and spray paint

It’s a good idea to wipe the ornaments down with a tack cloth before painting. This will get off every speck of dust so the paint is smooth and even.

Spray in light, thin coats. Don’t get in a hurry to cover in once coat or you’ll end up with paint drip or bubbling paint.

Another way to paint clear ornaments is to fill them with a little white paint and swirl around the paint.

Adding the Letters to the Ornament

While the paint was drying I cut out the letters from the sheet of stickers. I’d recommend cutting them out closer to the edge of the letter than I did. This will make the sticker less noticeable on the ornament!

Putting Together the Words

Now it’s time to play scrabble! I put together different letters to make “Christmasy” words.

Feel free to get creative! You can trim down a letter if the letter you need isn’t included. For example I trimmed the “E” to make a “F.”

Peel off the back of the sticker and press it on the ornament. Smooth out any bumps and you’re good to go!

I cut the plaid scarf into strips.

Then I used a little twine to tie a bow on the ornament.

I used the plaid as the hook for the bow and tied it on top.

santa DIY Christmas ornament

Wasn’t that easy? There is so many word combinations with just one sheet of letters!

Pin this project for later or share with a friend! Here’s a handy graphic.

Let me know which ornament is your favorite in the comments below. I’m loving budget decor this season! I also made a set of ornaments out of felt dryer balls.