DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Tree

Whether you’re looking for alternative Christmas tree ideas, or just adding more trees to your holiday decor – this mini Christmas tree is affordable and so adorable!

I was so excited to see the Dollar Tree Christmas trees this year. I knew with a little love they could be transformed into a gorgeous piece of farmhouse Christmas decor!

The Dollar Tree and I are good pals year round, but especially during the holidays.

I love tweaking their decor into whatever theme I’m going with that year. That way, if I change up my style the next year I don’t feel so bad. It only cost me $1!

A few favorites from the Dollar Tree this year were:

Rae Dunn Inspired Ornaments

I used clear bulbs and stickers to make adorable Rae Dunn inspired ornaments.

Bottle Brush Tree Display

I want my house to look like Christmas tree farm. Give me all the trees! I used bottle brush trees and crates from DT to make a tree farm display. Make sure to check them out.

But my favorite Dollar Tree craft was this mini flocked tree. Here’s the instructions-

Dollar Tree Christmas Tree Supplies

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The trees come in little box and are folded up when you pull them out. Start folding down the branches to shape the tree.

Here’s the tree all fluffed out. If you like the fullness, you can leave it as is! Very Charlie Brown chic.

dollar tree Christmas tree

I wanted the branches to be a little bit fuller.

Originally I thought I’d fill them out with garland branches, but decided that combining two of the trees together was easier than attaching individual branches.

Use a little bit of green floral wire to secure them together.

You can also order this tree, which comes a little bit fuller.

wrapping wire to connect two dollar tree trees together

Flocking the Tree

Flocking greenery is so easy. I bought THIS two pound bag of flock, and a little bit goes a long way. I used a cup of powder for this entire tree.

It look less than half the bag to flock a 7ft tree.

Flocking a tree is the same no matter the size of the tree. Just follow the four steps!

  1. Spray
  2. Dust
  3. Spray

Heads up – this process can get a little messy. Flock your tree outside, or put down paper or plastic to protect your floors.


4 steps - how to flock a dollar tree christmas tree

1. Start by spraying the branches with water. This will help the flocking powder stick.

For a tree this size, you’ll only need several mists of water. You are aiming for a damp tree, not completely wet.

2. Add the powder to the strainer, then shake shake it onto the branches. If the powder isn’t sticking well, add a little more water.

3. Keep adding powder and spraying lightly with water until you’ve achieved the level of flocking you’d like.

The beauty of this is you can choose any amount of flocking you want. Only add a little powder for a light frosty look, or go crazy so the tree looks like its been through a blizzard! I opted for a light blizzard look.

4. Once you’ve finished adding the powder, spray the tree again with water. This hardens the powder and makes it stick. Give the powder about 24 hours or so to dry.

Making the Tree Bucket

I used this metal bucket to hold the tree. I spray painted it white, and then used a set of stickers from the Dollar Tree to add a little phrase to the bucket.

I cut out the stickers from the sheet and arranged it to say Fa la la. I’m obsessed with these stickers, they look so close to Rae Dunn! I used them on THESE Christmas ornaments, and to make a set of dishes in this post HERE.

dollar tree bucket and stickers

Finishing Touches on the Christmas Tree

I added a few sprigs of lambs ear greenery to fill in any gaps.

Lambs ear is so versatile, I use it to add the finishing touch to so many projects. I buy a garland of it from Hobby Lobby when they go 50%, and then cut it to whatever size I need.

I used a little floral foam to secure the tree inside the bucket. Here’s the finished Christmas Tree!

Craft night? Pin this for later!

This was so easy and so much fun! Merry Christmas, I’ll see you next project.