DIY Fall Rae Dunn Inspired Dishes

Hey there! I’m always looking for ways to create Fall farmhouse decor from the Dollar Tree. Whether you’re struggling to find the perfect Rae Dunn piece or just looking for Dollar Tree budget decor, you’re going to love these Dollar Tree DIY Rae Dunn inspired dishes.

I’ve seen other fantastic Rae Dunn inspired dishes that use a Cricut. I don’t have one of those, so I made these with supplies completely from the Dollar Tree.

Because the letters are stickers, they are display only dishes and you can’t eat on them. They would make a great addition to your fall displays, coffee bars or other home decor!

Supplies for DIY Rae Dunn inspired Dishes –

  • Various Dollar Tree Dishes
  • Dollar Tree “Chocolate” Decals
  • Scissors

Cutting Out the Letters

I started by cutting out the individual letters.

Trimming the Letters

You can even trim some of the letters down to make other letters. I trimmed down an “E” to a “F”, and a “R” to a “P”.

Visual Learner? Watch the Video Here!

Putting Together the Words

I bought a few sheets of the stickers so I’d have lots of words to choose from. These dishes were for a fall display so I chose various ‘fall-ey’ words.

Applying the Decals

I laid out the stickers in the position I was going to apply them in. Then one by one I peeled the back off and pressed the decal on. If you mess up, don’t fret because the stickers are easy to peel it off and try again!

applying the fall decal
Here’s a few finished dishes –
diy dollar tree decor
What do you think?

I was thrilled with these dishes. Don’t you just love budget decor? I set them up in a Fall tablescape made completely with decor from the Dollar Tree.

Here’s a handy graphic so you can pin this project for later!
diy Rae Dunn dishes

I’d love to hear what you think. Do you have any other Dollar Tree hacks to share?

See you next project!