DIY Sweater Wreath – Thrift Store Sweater Upcycle

A DIY sweater wreath is made from a thrift store sweater, and a Dollar Tree Wreath. This easy Christmas craft can be made in under 30 minutes.

Sweaters don’t last long in my house. I’ve got a thing for cutting them up and making all kinds of decor. If they aren’t worn for an entire season – its time to upcycle!

I used ribbon and greenery from previous projects, so this wreath came together for under 5 bucks. Not a bad deal!

First I’ll share my DIY wreath, then get ready for 12 more holiday wreaths to inspire you!

Supplies for a DIY Sweater Wreath

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diy sweater wreath


I started by cutting the sleeves off the sweater.

diy sweater wreath

The Dollar Tree has been killing’ it for Christmas decor in my house. I love to customize their basics, like these Dollar Tree Rae Dunn ornaments. You also don’t want to miss the Christmas Tree Farm Display!

This wire frame makes a great wreath base, I used the sweater sleeves to bulk it up a bit.

I snipped the wire and slid the sleeves on. Then, I secured the sleeves together with a safety pin so everything stayed in place.

diy Christmas wreath wrapping the sleeves on

Then, I cut the rest of the sweater into strips. I cut along where the cable knit patterns changed, but your cuts will depend on the material of your sweater.

diy Christmas sweater cutting

Wrapping the Wreath

Brace yourselves – hot glue burns are coming!

Just me?

After the sweater was cut I preheated my glue gun and laid out the strips.

laying out the DIY sweater wreath

I started wrapping the strips of the sweater around the wreath at an angle and hot gluing as I went.

hot gluing the diy sweater wreath

I glued the rough edges down as I wrapped because I wanted a clean look.

You’re feeling the burns now, aren’t ya?

gluing the edges on diy sweater wreath

I kept wrapping and gluing all the way around the sweater. Luckily, this sweater happened to be perfect size and I ended up using all but one piece!

No leftover scraps added to my ‘maybe I’ll need this one day’ collection.

Although I wanted this wreath to be pretty simple, I still wanted to add a little something. I had some leftover soft greenery from this Fall wreath that I thought would be perfect!

I tucked a few sprigs underneath the sweater pieces and secured them with hot glue.

adding lambs ear sprigs to DIY Christmas wreath

Then I used a 9″ piece of buffalo check ribbon to hang the wreath up with a little pin.

I liked this, but you know the feeling when it’s just missing something?

A bow it was! I’m not the most skill bow-maker, so I went with a simple little bow tie.

To Make the Bow –

Cut a 28 inch ribbon. Fold one end in 6 inches, and then fold it over 3 more times. Pinch the center.

Then wrap the remaining tail around itself and tuck it in. Secure with a little glue!

Here’s the finished DIY sweater wreath.

You guys this was so easy! I thought this was a great way to upcycle old knit sweaters.

Have old sweaters to put to use? Pin this for later!

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