Easy DIY Modern Farmhouse Fall Wreath – Two Ways

Modern Fall Wreath

A DIY Easy Fall Wreath tutorial showing two budget friendly ways to create your own Fall decor. These farmhouse wreaths are crafted using lambs ear, eucalyptus, white pumpkins and buffalo check ribbon. The decor ties seamlessly from fall to winter so they can be enjoyed the entire holiday season.

The weather is cooling off, we had our first thunderstorm – Time to decorate for fall! In between furniture makeovers, I love putting together easy DIY decor.

The holidays always seem to come on so quickly, so I keep an eye out for decor options that can extend from the fall season through winter. Maybe I’ll get crazy and swap out the pumpkins for some ornaments, we’ll see 😉

I love having a gorgeous wreath hanging on my front door – so I made two budget friendly DIY options you can recreate!


Embroidery Hoop Fall Wreath

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Lambs Ear Garland (Use those coupons!)


Embroidery Hoop

Floral Wire

Two White Pumpkin Picks

Buffalo Check Ribbon

“Gather” DIY Fall Wreath


Scrap Wooden Board

White Paint – One of my favorite paints!

Lambs Ear Garland

Grapevine Wreath – Any size is 5 bucks at Hobby Lobby. You can’t beat that!

Buffalo Check Ribbon

Two Pumpkin Picks

Floral Wire


Black Acrylic Paint

Getting Supplies Ready

I started by cutting the garland into 6-8 inch sections. I separated the eucalyptus into individual stems, and cut a few 2 inch sections of floral wire to start.

Filling the Wreath

I added a lambs ear stem facing upward by sliding the stem in between the two sections of the embroidery hoop. I secured it with a little wire.

Next, I added another lambs pointing down and secured that as well.

I added in a couple stems of Eucalyptus, one pointing up and one pointing down to the left. Remember that there is no wrong way to do this, I just experimented and found what I liked!

I added a few more eucalyptus stems and then secured them as well with a little wire.

Adding the Decor

Now to add some fall decor, I grabbed two white pumpkins with stems. The stems made it super easy to slide through the two parts of the wooden hoop and secure with a little wire.

To make a bow I grabbed some buffalo check ribbon, and started making loops in a figure eight. I made three loops on each side then added wire to the middle. I hid the wire with the end tail of the ribbon.

To wrap it up I slid the ribbon in between the pumpkins and adjusted the pumpkins to hide the middle of the bow. I fluffed up the ribbon and the greenery and tied any loose hanging parts with more wire.

Heres the wreath all finished hanging up! The top screw on the embroidery hoop makes it easy to hang with no additional hardware.

hanging wreath
hanging wreath

Sometimes fall decor can sometimes be over the top, so I just love the simplicity of this. Wasn’t that an easy DIY Fall wreath? Let’s make another!

“Gather” Wreath


Cut your garland into 6 inch sections. Start putting the lambs ear stems into the grapevine and securing with a little wire. Add new leaves all facing the same direction, with the front side of the leaves showing.

diy wreath

Keep filling in the wreath with lambs ear. Don’t worry about empty patches, we’ll fill those in next. Grab your eucalyptus, and start adding sprigs in. Have fun with this!

adding pumpkins

Now find a spot that needs some detail and add the pumpkins. Slide the stem through the grapevine and tie them on with some wire.

bow on wreath

I tied another bow using the figure eight like the last wreath, and secured it underneath the two pumpkins.

diy painting

Whats a DIY project without some paint? I grabbed a scrap board and painted it with white chalk paint. I let that dry and then used a stencil to paint on the word gather.

gather board

To finish it up, I drilled small holes in the board and attached it to the wreath with some floral wire.

Here’s the completed wreath hanging up, looking all fallish.

hanging wreath

What do ya think? I’d love if you’d pin this for later, so here’s a handy graphic!

Do you love decorating for fall? Let me know your favorite Fall decor item in the comments below!