Homemade Acorn Christmas Ornament

homemade acorn ornament hanging on christmas tree

Looking for a simple, budget friendly DIY ornament to add to your tree? This homemade acorn Christmas ornament is made out of a dryer ball and a little twine.

This year, the focus of my Christmas tree was simple homemade ornaments.

I had so much fun seeing what I could make for a fraction of the price of store bought ornaments!

First, I started by making Rae Dunn inspired ornaments in this post here.

Then I made another set of festive wool ornaments in this post over here.

Next up is this acorn Christmas ornament. The wool balls give off the Scandinavian ornament vibe – no one will know they were made to go in your dryer…

I won’t tell.

Acorn Christmas Ornament

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Here’s what you’ll need.

hot glue gun, twine and dryer balls for diy acorn ornament

1. Wrap The Twine

Heat up your glue gun. Starting half way down the ball, start wrapping the twine around the ornament in a single layer. Glue the twine down as you go.

Wrapping the twine around the acorn ornament and gluing it down

Keep wrapping the twine around the dryer ball, all the way to the top.

2. Make the Top

To make the tip of the acorn, start wrapping the twine in a small circle on the top. Hold it down will more hot glue.

Tie the loose end of the twine around the top to make a loop to hang on the tree.

3. Make the Bottom

Use a needle pull out a little wool on the bottom to make the acorn shape.

pulling the wool bottom of the acorn ornament with a needle

Voila! Thats it.

A gorgeous handmade Christmas ornament in 3 easy steps.

acorn ornament in hand, next to flocked christmas tree

homemade acorn ornament hanging on christmas tree

Hosting Craft Night? Pin This For Later!

An easy diy christmas ornament. Diy acorn ornament hanging on christmas tree.

I had a blast working on my tree this year. It’s full of homemade and non breakable ornaments. This is a life saver when you have toddlers!

If you missed my tree, you can find it here in this post.

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