Ikea Tarva Night Stand Hack

An Ikea Tarva Night Stand gets a custom update in this DIY furniture hack. With a little paint, stain, tape and a change of hardware you can transform Ikea Furniture. Follow along to learn how to give Ikea furniture a modern, custom look.

You’ve probably heard of Ikea hacks by now. They are ways to customize Ikea furniture to make it look more unique, updated and fun! So what makes this Ikea hack different? Mustard paint and some painters tape.

I’ll show you step by step how to paint a geometric design on the well know Ikea Tarva nightstand. It’s a simple process with a stunning and unique result!

Here’s the supplies used for this update:

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Tarva Nightstand

Mustard Chalk Paint

Light Grey Paint

Painters Tape

Gel Stain


Gold Bar Pull

Wood Filler

Drill Gun 


I had previously updated this night stand using a darker stain, so this is what it looked like before.

If you’re just purchasing, assemble the nightstand according to the instructions. Or do what I do – wing it without the instructions until I’m in tears, then ask for help.

Seriously though, if you can assemble Ikea furniture without a cinch, you deserve an award!

Find the Center and Tape Off

Then, find the Center of the nightstand and mark it.

This will be the point of your triangle.

This will be the tip of the triangle. Tape from the marked center to each bottom corner. A trick to make clean lines with frog tape is to brush over the tape with a wet towel. This activates the adhesive in the tape. 

Paint it Grey

Paint the top and the top half of the triangle in a light grey. Let that dry for a few minutes and then remove the tape .

paint night stand

Tape Off Some More

I actually liked the two tone look with the grey and the wood a lot. You could leave it as is, or continue to add some funky mustard!

After the grey paint dries, tape off the top matching the tape to the center point. I wanted just a little more mustard to peek through the front so I taped off a little higher.

Paint the Triangle

Paint the inside of the triangle with Colonel Mustard. It took 2 coats to get complete coverage! Let it dry for a minute or two – and then peel it off. My favorite part may be peeling the frog tape off..

So satisfying! 

Stain the drawer and the legs with gel stain or regular stain. The best part about the Tarva style is it comes with no finish, so its all ready for stain. Fill the original knob hole with a little bit of wood filler and stain that as well.

staining legs

Wrapping it Up

I wanted to protect the new paint and stain so I sealed it with a layer of water based Polycrylic.

Measure and mark the length of the new pull, and drill holes to match.
Screw the new hardware on, and enjoy your new custom piece of furniture!

What do you think? Next time you’re at ikea consider picking up one of these nightstands and have a little fun with some painters tape! Let me know if you have any more Ikea hacks, I can’t get enough of em.

Here’s a little graphic, I’d love if you pinned it for later!