Mustard Furniture Makeover | Chalk Painting Mustard

mustard buffet graphic

An old buffet gets an update in this mustard furniture makeover. Chalk painting furniture mustard is a great way to brighten up a room!

Mustard is not the first color that comes to my mind when I’m picking a new paint color. So when a client requested a buffet to be painted Mustard, I was so excited to get started!

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Here are the supplies for this Mustard Furniture Makeover-

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Dixie Belle Chalk Paint in Colonel Mustard and Stormy Seas (This paint is amazing at blending!)

VAX Top Coat Shabby Paints

Paint Brush

Blending Brush

Minwax Stain, Gel Stain

Krud Kutter

Tack Cloths



Here was the buffet before.
before mustard paint

We all know how dirty furniture gets, and this piece was reaaally shiny and I knew the paint wouldn’t stick. So I started with my standard furniture prep, you can read about that here.

Staining the Top

The top was veneer so I knew I needed to be careful with the top. I stripped, sanded and stained the top in Dark Walnut.

Painting a Mustard Base Coat

I started by painting the buffet in a coat of Colonel Mustard and a splash of Stormy Seas. The blue was added so the Mustard would be a little darker.

I didn’t do any blending for the base coat because I knew we’d cover that up later. Don’t worry about the first coat being perfect, just get the base coat on there!

mustard base coat
For the next Mustard coat, we do a little blending.

I wanted to add some dimension to the curved doors.

I painted the base color with a drop more blue around the edges, Colonel Mustard in the center and then added some white to make the center color the lightest.

Blend, blend and blend!

Water is your friend when it comes to blending. Mist your brush with water and start blending back and forth.

blending mustard chalk paint

If you’re a visual learner, here’s the video tutorial so you can see the blending!

Time to protect your paint!

I usually don’t wax pieces that I’m selling. The reason for this is traditional wax needs to be reapplied every few years, and I don’t expect my clients to do that.

The exception to this rule is VAX. This “wax” is very easy to apply and never needs to be reapplied.

It goes on white but dries clear.

Staining the Legs

I stained the legs with Gel Stain. Gel Stain sits on the surface instead of soaking it in, so you don’t have to do any sanding. It even works on fake wood. Here’s an article on Gel Staining Laminate Furniture.

Finishing touches on the Buffet Makeover

I wanted to reuse the unique hardware. I spray painted it with a matte black spray paint. You can read more about spray painting hardware (so it lasts) here.

Here’s the finished Mustard Buffet.

mustard buffet

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I think Mustard furniture can be a great statement or accent piece in your home! Do you like bold furniture? Let me know in the comments below!